LVD Systems srl offers embedded solutions. We target transportation, industrial, avionic, telecom and scientific market.

With more than 20 years of experience, we develop hardware and software solutions based on customer necessities. We offer system integration solution, with a rich COTS products catalogue.

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2nd October 2012

LVD Systems distributes Spectrum Instrumentation products in Italy

We are proud to announce that LVD Systems distributes Spectrum Instrumentation products in Italy.

Since 1989, Spectrum has led the way in the manufacture of high-speed and high-resolution PC instruments for PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, PXI and CompactPCI (CPCI) busses. Years of experience as a developer and producer are feed in the products forming robust instruments for industrial needs.

Spectrum has focused its business on the high-speed A/D, D/A and Digital I/O range with sampling rates between 100 kS/s, 1 MS/s, 10 MS/s, 50 MS/s, 100 MS/s, 200 MS/s, 500 MS/s and 1 GS/s. Fast amplifiers and high-quality converters allow the acquisition and replay of high-frequency signals. As a result of the substantial on-board memory even fast signals may be recorded for long time with a high precision. For more information please contact LVD Systems.

18 June 2012

LVD Systems distributes Techaya in Italy

We are proud to announce that LVD Systems distributes Techaya products in Italy.

Techaya is a company leader in high-performance connectivity solutions for the corporate and carrier markets offering Leading edge technology, reliability, and sophisticated design.

Techaya designs and markets a wide range of high quality and feature rich connectivity solutions for Video voice and data applications to serve over a broad spectrum of networking protocols. We are putting tremendous effort to provide a competitive rate of cost performance.

With the recent distribution agreement with Germane Systems and Techaya, LVD Systems further expands its portfolio in high level COTS products for the Telecom, Industrial, Military and Commercial industry.

For more informations please contact LVD Systems.

Products list is availbale in the Italian version of this site.

08 Maggio 2012

LVD Systems distributes Germane Systems products in Italy

LVD Systems is proud to announce to have reached a distribution agreement with Germane Systems.

Germane Systems designs, tests and manufactures COTS-based rugged high performance computers, servers, and storage systems for mission-critical military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

  • Applications Include: Sonar Processing, Tactical Computing, UAV Data Capture, Radar Data Storage and Retrieval, Email Servers, Video Processing and Storage, Network Attached Storage, Situational Analysis and Video Capture
  • Products Include: Rack Mount Servers, Rack Mount Storage, Small Form Factor Computers, Sealed Computers and Vehicle Based Computing Systems

Germane's rugged computer solutions incorporate features designed to ensure the highest reliability and availability in extreme environments. Germane Systems is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and is located in Chantilly, Virginia. All Germane products are designed, tested and built in the USA.

13 Dicember 2011

LVD Systems distributes ApisSys in Italy

LVD Systems is proud to announce to have reached a distribution agreement with ApisSys.

ApisSys provides standard and custom data conversion and signal processing hardware and software products.

ApisSys combines leading edge technologies with huge expertise in customer's applications to deliver best in class capabilities

ApisSys products typical applications include but are not limited to:

  • Defense: Electronic Warfare systems, Wide band Radar.
  • High Energy Physics.
  • Medical Imaging: Digital X-Ray image enhancement.